16 Must-Follow Facebook Pages for Spread Betting Enthusiasts


Spread betting was once relegated to the realms of Wall Street bankers, but today the Internet and a changing market has made it accessible for all.

This shift proves that the public are increasingly willing to take bigger risks in the hopes of a bigger pay-off. Spread betting is a form of speculating market movements and predicting the rise or fall of stock to turn a profit. Tax-free with a high-profit margin, everyone is now opening spread-betting accounts. Alas, this form of investment is particularly risky and involves a lot of homework.

The following 16 Facebook pages allow you to follow along with the pulse of financial trading from your social media feed. Stay up-to-date with market predictions and access educational resources to help you read the market and place the most informed spread bets possible.


  1. Market Watch


Market Watch is run by Dow Jones & Co. and provides current market commentary for savvy investors, while also running a vibrant blog with financial advice.

  1. Fidelity Investments


Fidelity is a top stock trading company with a thriving financial blog they update near daily on their Facebook page.

  1. Online Trading Academy


Online Trading Academy is an educational platform that teaches traders and investors about the market. Follow their Facebook page for breaking news about the latest financial events.

  1. Hedge Accordingly


Hedge Accordingly has been posting consistently since 2008, providing current commentary and breaking new financial events as they happen.

  1. Forex Trading


Forex Trading is a must-watch Facebook page for those looking to learn the ropes of investment.Perfect for beginners.

  1. StockTrader.com


StockTrader.com are a leading source of market analysis and an endless resource for trading education. Follow them for daily visual updates of recent market activity. A must for any committed investor.

  1. InvestorPlace


InvestorPlace is one of the most active Facebook accounts with multiple posts per day sharing the latest stock trading news. This is a great page to follow along as an avid investor.

  1. CMC Markets


CMC Markets, while experts on spread betting, exist to provide you with world-class market analysis and commentary. Follow their Facebook page for videos and blog posts from their global market analysts.

  1. E-Trade Financial


E-Trade is a service assisting you in making informed trading decisions. Like their page for regular updates of educational resources to help you make smarter trading decisions.



Scottrade provides handy prompts to analyse your investment activity. Less market watchers and more financial advisors, Scottrade’s Facebook page provides regular advice, which makes it worth watching.



IG is a global leader in financial trading, so you want to be tuned into their announcements. While their Facebook page isn’t overly active, when they do post a gem you want to be ready for it.



FXCM is a trading platform whose Facebook page provides regular market analysis and insights to help you plan your future investments.



One of the UK’s longest surviving spread betting companies, SpreadEx is a company to follow. Best followed by serious investors.

14.City Index


City Index are specialists in spread betting, and keep their followers updated with predictions of movements in the stock market. They specialise in making sure traders understand the risks involved before undertaking spread betting.

15.ETX Capital


World leaders in spread betting, ETX are certainly an account to follow. Their Facebook page shares blog posts of all the largest financial events to happen globally, and are a good way to keep your finger on the pulse of trading.

16.Spread Betting & CFDs Guide


Financial Spread Betting is a guide with tips on getting started in spread betting and advice on making the most of your investments. Follow along for market commentary and check their website for educational articles to make the most of what you learn from the above 15 Facebook pages.

On this list are some of the most prominent names known in spread betting. This list should be treated like keys to the kingdom. Click ‘like’, sign-up to their newsletter, browse their blog and follow along their daily posts and in no time at all, you’re going to be a spread betting, stock trading superstar.

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