Don’t let the Fuelshark take a bite out of your wallet

Today we have a quick little blog about a new gadget that’s been seen on the market recently called the Fuelshark. Generally speaking we’re pretty nice around this blog and don’t go around bashing companies or their products and services but in this case were definitely going to make an exception.

If you’ve ever seen this product will know that it purports to save you up to 10% or more on your gasoline expenses simply by taking the small Fuelshark device and plugging it directly into your car’s cigarette lighter.

The only problem is that the Fuelshark costs approximately $40 and, in effect, does absolutely nothing besides make your wallet or purse a bit lighter.

One online reviewer had this to say about the Fuelshark. “Seriously, you could plug an olive into your 12 V socket and get similar results to what the Fuelshark does.”

This same reviewer goes on to mention that besides the Fuelshark there are dozens of other products on the market that are promoting fuel savings and delivering nothing of the sort. He mentions a product called the Fuel Doctor that had similar results, which is to say that it did absolutely nothing.

In order to understand the claims that the manufacturer of the Fuel shark is making, and try to understand why they were claiming that it could save a person 10% or more on their gasoline bill, a number of online reviewers have actually used the device in testing and even taken it apart to see what makes it tick.

First the company claims that the Fuelshark works in two distinctly different ways. It says that it maintains your car’s electrical performance at an optimum level and that your car’s mpg will improve and your vehicle will run better if the voltage in your car is stable. They also claim that your car will have better power and cleaner emissions.

On every single website that had tested the Fuelshark they found that the device could do nothing that the package was claiming or that the advertising alluded to. The reason is simply this; the hardware inside the Fuelshark device is not capable, in any way, shape or form, of doing anything the package claims. Not only that but anyone with even the most basic of background in electronics would know this immediately.

Basically what these reviewers are saying is that not only does the Fuelshark  NOT deliver on its claims, there is no physical way that the components that make up the device can give any of the claimed the results. It’s physically impossible.

The biggest problem here, and the reason that the company that makes the Fuelshark can get away with selling this worthless device, is that people all over the United States are desperately looking for anything that they can use to improve their MPG and lower their monthly gasoline cost. It’s just another example of a fly-by-night company taking advantage of people’s gullibility and desperation. If you’re reading this, make sure to share it with as many people as possible so that these crooks won’t get away with fleecing more people.


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