Vacationing with a Caravan

Family vacations are a wonderful time regardless of where you go. They are an opportunity for bonding, and a break from the rigors of work, school, and the stresses of everyday life.  This is exactly why you shouldn’t be adding any stress with a vacation, like spending a lot of money and leaving yourself with financial worries. The cost to fly you and your brood across the country can destroy your budget and in some cases even lead into debt.  Then there are those who purchase expensive timeshares, only to be restricted by too many guidelines and left unable to use them.  Lastly, you have the people that play it smart and purchase or rent caravans.  Whether it’s a towing caravan, or a motorhome, this is essentially a home on wheels.  You can save money by avoiding costly airplane tickets, and hotel stays. 

Saving money on food


Let’s not forget about the cost of eating at restaurants each day when you reach your destination.  Some caravans have kitchens inside that allow you to save even more money by cooking your own meals.  Then there are the non-monetary benefits of spending quality time with your family in a comfortable and close knit environment. 

While there are countless financial benefits to owning and vacationing in a caravan they are not free, and they do come with some costs that you should make yourself aware of.


Verkehrsunfall mit Wohnwagen

Of course, before heading out on the road, you will want to invest in some RV insurance. Basic insurance will cover the cost of repairs to your vehicle should it be involved in a crash or pay for a replacement if the RV is destroyed. Some coverage packages offer more, however, depending on your individual needs. The Hartford RV insurance coverage, for example, has packages that will pay for your towing, transportation, and even your temporary housing costs, so that you can focus on making your way home without having to worry about these extra expenses. 

Fuel costs

Man Refueling RV

Another cost to consider is caravans don’t run on vegetable oil, but you may wish that they did.  The cost of gasoline to run a caravan depends on many different factors; size, weight, engine type, gear ratios, wind resistance, and the overall driving habits of the person behind the wheel.  A motorhome is just as it sounds, a house with a motor.  These are caravans with their own engine and steering capacity, and the fuel type of these vehicles can vary.  More times than not they take diesel fuel, which depending on your location can be quite costly. Keep an eye on the Petrol Prices website and shop around for fuel. Then there are the towing caravans, which don’t necessarily have an engine but can still put a drain on your fuel consumption regardless.  Due to the heavy nature of these vehicles you need a vehicle large enough and with enough horsepower to tow them along.  Also, their added weight places more stress on the vehicle and thus the usage of more fuel.


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