Fuel Economy Tip – Don’t Put Flags on Your Car

Today’s tip will help you save a little bit of gas and money; however it may lessen your ability to call yourself a die-hard fan of your favorite team.

Don’t fly flags outside your car’s windows.

If you live near any major sports team, whether it’s college or professional, the chances of you not seeing at least one car with their favorite team’s flag flying outside one of the car’s windows is pretty slim to none. 

I’m all for supporting your team (I’m a life long Redskins fan), but I recommend supporting your team in a way that doesn’t waste as much gas.  When you have these flags attached to your car, you are dramatically increasing the amount of drag on your vehicle.  This means your car’s engine has to work harder to get up to and maintain speed.

The harder your engine works, the more gas you waste.

So, paint your face, wear team colors, tailgate in the parking lot, do whatever it is you have to do to show support for your team, but keep the car flags at home. 

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