Will President Obama Get Alternative Energy on Track?

As part of Barack Obama’s message during his Presidential campaign, he promised to help modernize and green America’s energy and transportation systems.  (Click here and here to see what Obama promised on the trail.)

Now, after the election, President-elect Obama is pushing alternative energy as part of his expected to be many hundreds of billions of dollars stimulus package.  According to the Obama camp, not only will the push towards alternative energy and more fuel efficient vehicles help protect America from unstable oil producing countries, but it will also help to create and save millions of non-exportable jobs within our borders.

Obviously, all of this sounds good.  After all, who wouldn’t want to green up the planet while creating enough jobs to help pull the country (and the world, for that matter) out of what might be the largest economic downturn since the Great Depression?  That being said, do we have faith that he, along with Congress, will be able to pull it off?

According to a recent poll on Daily Fuel Economy Tip, it appears that most Americans are split as to whether or not President-elect Obama will be able to implement an effective alternative energy policy.

Here’s how nearly 300 people responded when asked: Will President-elect Obama be able to implement an effective alternative energy policy?

  • 44% (127 votes) said YES
  • 44% (126 votes) said NO
  • 12% (33 vote) said they were UNSURE

With nearly 80% of the country approving of Obama’s handling of the transition of power, I would have figured that more people would be of the opinion that Obama will be able to bring about an effective energy policy.

That being said, aside from Obama’s win and promises of change, there really doesn’t seem to be much for the average American to be happy and hopeful about, so maybe this skewed the numbers down slightly.  With the economy officially in a recession, unemployment continuing to climb and home prices continuing to fall, it’s easy to see why there might be a negative outlook in general.

I personally fall in the unsure group.  While I think alternative energy will be a priority within Obama’s administration, I think health care and education will be higher up on his agenda.  Additionally, I’m concerned that while spending all of this money now may end up helping the economy and modernizing our energy policies and sources, we’re just going to create a much larger problem: a ballooning national debt.

Let’s be honest – while it would be nice to find a near term solution to our current problems, do we really want to be paying 50 or 60 percent taxes later on?


  1. While of course the jury hasn’t even begun to deliberate for the term or terms that will be the Obama administration, I found it odd that he was in such support of the auto companies who have done nothing to curtail fuel consumption and a U.S. reliance on foreign oil, perhaps in time he is the one who puts his foot down, time will tell

  2. Paul from Potomac says

    Obama made more promises than a councilman running for Mayor of Chicago. None of them ever kept promises either. It’s Gotham and Batman may be the only savior. Comic book stuff. We can only hope. Obama is just another politico.

  3. This country has to make strides in alternative energy is it is to prosper in the coming decades. We have been held hostage by oil companies and oil producing nations for too long. With the huge deficit that we currently have, courtesy of the last administration, the next administration may not be able to make much headway into alternative energy. He will also have to contend with the powerful oil lobby in Washington, D.C. I hope I am wrong but I won’t hold my breath that anything will get done anytime soon in this area.

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