Will Any Good Come From Higher Gas Prices?

While it’s fairly safe to say that most of us are pretty unhappy with the fact that we’re paying more than $3 for a gallon of gas – roughly 40% more than what we were paying less than five months ago- it seems that a majority of us think that these increased prices might actually lead to something positive.

According to a recent poll on Daily Fuel Economy Tip, over 60% of us believe that this latest increase in gasoline prices will bring a greater sense of urgency towards finding dependable alternative fuels.

When asked, “Do you think higher gas prices will bring a greater sense of urgency towards finding alternative fuels?” 63% of respondents stated yes, 28% stated no and 9% stated that they were unsure.

Granted, because the environment and oil tend to be a pretty hot topics as it is, it’s likely that the push for finding reliable, cheaper alternative fuels would have come even without the dramatic increase in the price of gasoline.

That being said, it certainly seems that most people expect these fuels will receive greater attention not because of the environmental impact, but because of the potential financial impact.

So, even though it’s a pain to have to pay more at the pump, if it means that there will be a greater emphasis on the research and development of possible replacements for fossil fuels, I think that shelling out the extra money will be worth it in the long haul.

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