Be a Safer Driver With Tips For Beginners

You went to the DMV, passed your driving test, and have that new license hot from the presses and ready to use. You may even be driving your first vehicle. That is awesome and you should be proud of your accomplishment. 

There are a lot of thoughts running through your head, and you are thinking about hitting the road in your Jeep. It is a used vehicle, but you want to keep it looking good by getting a Jeep Wrangler cover to keep it looking good. That will be your first purchase now that you have your license.

Don’t be too eager to hit the asphalt because beginner drivers have very little experience and may need help navigating the rules of the road. New drivers have the highest rate of accidents and even fatalities when compared to other drivers.

These driving tips will keep you safe while you learn the ropes of the open road. Read carefully. They might just save your life.

 1. Don’t Text and Drive 

I know it has been said more times than you can count, but don’t text or talk on the phone while you’re driving. The phone is easily a distraction and to stay safe you need to keep your eyes on the road.

Who hasn’t seen adds about the accidents that can happen with distracted driving? In fact, it may be a great idea to turn the phone on an airplane mode or do not disturb mode. This will lessen the temptation for distraction and your hands will remain firmly on the wheel.

 2. Driver Education 

Driver education is a must when it comes to learning how to stay safe and alert on the road. From how to park, to when to turn on your blinker, driver education is essential for teaching a new driver the rules of the road. Passing your class may help you earn a safe driver discount from various agencies.

 3. Stay Alert 

It is imperative to your safety that you stay alert and aware while driving. Before backing out of your driveway or turning a corner, make sure you look ahead of you, check both sides, and behind. Check your rearview mirror, and stay aware of your blind spot when changing lanes or backing up.

Make sure your eyes are firmly on the road. This goes back to the first tip, meaning avoid those cell phones. If you are checking your social media while at a red light, you may be distracted and need to make a few changes.

Always be cautious while driving. It only takes a tiny moment of distraction to cause an accident or even a fatality. Be careful out there; it can be dangerous.

 4. Don’t Tailgate 

Tailgating may seem like a great way to send a message to a driver who isn’t matching your speed. Take note: those pesky drivers who always go the speed limit, not a mile over or under, may just be the safest drivers on the road. What if they have to step on the brake suddenly and because you were following too close, you crash into the back of their car. This can be avoided by not tailgating the slower cars.

 5. Go the Speed Limit 

The speed limit is there for a reason. It is the official safest driving speed, least likely to get you into an accident. The speed is based on how sharp turns are, or how winding or bumpy a road is, whether or not you’re in a rural area, etc. If you’re in a hurry, it may be a good idea to leave a little sooner next time. Speeding is dangerous, and you may find yourself in a fatal accident if you aren’t careful. The same goes for going less than the speed limit under reasonable conditions.

 6. Don’t Drink and Drive 

Alcohol impairs your senses and, most importantly, your ability to reason and stay alert. Drinking and driving can lead to fatal accidents due to impaired cognizance. If you are at a party and have had a little too much to drink, ask a designated friend to drive you home or take a Lyft.

 7. Drive Safe 

To reiterate, it is important that you stay safe on the road. Stay alert and aware, avoiding distractions. Make sure you don’t use any substances or devices that may impair your vision or ability to think. If you are distracted or impaired, you could end up in an accident that could result in the fatality of yourself or someone else.

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