Fuel Costs and Commute

I’ve been leasing cars my entire life, I’ve really never been a fan of buying a new car.  Obviously driving a new car every few years is ideal from a vanity standpoint, however, it can also be more economical than one might think.  I may never own my vehicles outright, but then again a vehicle is one of those depreciating assets that only loses value over time.  Fuel economy it one of the technological aspects that the government often mandates improvements, and the auto companies are forced to oblige.  To think of how many more miles I get to the gallon now versus 10 years ago simply boggles my mind.

Due to suburban sprawl, and partially because of a dominant auto industry, we have never really taken advantage of a healthy public transportation system.  This means citizens in my area are handcuffed to gasoline prices and fuel economy more than you will ever know.  I used to work in the downtown area, which was about a 40 mile drive for me, and a lot of stop and go traffic during the winter.  I loved working down there, but refused to live there.  This created quite the burden when it came to how much I spent on gasoline each month.

Fast forward several years later and I work about 10 miles from my house, and not only that, 9.5 miles my commute is all free way.  I also live close to my friends, my parents, and my wifes parents, which means less driving on a social level as well.  Gas prices tend to bounce up and down throughout the year, but they will never be back to the days of less than $3.00 a gallon, so we need to stop complaining and start solving the problem.  Remember the world’s economy revolves around the law of supply and demand.  Lessen the need and demand for oil, and you increase the supply, which in turn will actually lower the gas prices.

Hopefully this simple advice can help you save a few dollars, and perhaps hold off on bankruptcy a little longer ;)  In all seriousness, if you find yourself close to bankruptcy, look for other options such as Debt Free Direct bankruptcy advice, they have alternatives to help you avoid destroying your credit history as well available lines of credit.


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