Fuel Economy Tip – Adjust Your Commute Time

Today’s tip will help you save gas and help you avoid getting stuck behind a school bus that seemingly stops at every corner to pick up kids, adding 15 minutes to your commute.

Adjust your commute to avoid school traffic.

Now that most schools are back in session, your morning commute is going to get worse.  It’s just a fact – more cars are going to be on the road each morning.  Whether it’s teachers driving to school, school buses, parents dropping their kids off, or high schoolers driving themselves, there’s going to be a lot of traffic added to your morning commute.

So, you have one of two options:

  1. Continue leaving at the same time and get stuck in traffic, which adds wasteful idle time, which can reduce gas mileage by up to 17%
  2. Adjust your commute so you avoid this extra traffic and have a less traffic filled, less stressful commute.

Obviously, I’m encouraging you to choose option number two.

And, it really doesn’t have to be that drastic of change.  All you really have to do is find out what time the schools in your immediate area open, figure out when there’s going to be the most traffic, and then just leave a couple of minutes earlier.

For example, I know that if I leave my house at 6:50 each morning (which is the time I typically leave in the summer), I can expect to add 10 minutes on to my commute thanks to school traffic.  But, if I leave just 10 minutes earlier, at 6:40, my commute is the same 35 minutes.

So if you don’t want to get stuck in idle while the crossing guard holds up traffic for five minutes, or get stuck behind a school bus that stops at every corner, or get stuck in gridlock outside the high school, go ahead and leave a few minutes early and avoid the morning rush.

And, maybe, your boss will be so impress that you’ve started coming in a few minutes early that you’ll get a big promotion (I wouldn’t count on it, but I thought I’d just throw in one extra perk)!


  1. This won’t only save you time, it will save your mental health! I personally HATE getting stuck behind school buses, so leaving a little early works fine for me!

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