Fuel Economy Tip – Clean Out Your Bed

Today’s tip is a great way for those of you who drive pick up trucks to increase your gas mileage by up to 5%.

Once winter is over, remove the sand bags and/or bricks from your pick up’s bed.

During the winter, a lot of people will put heavy items in the back of their trucks to help weigh down the back of the vehicle. This helps keep the truck’s back end from sliding around on snowy or icy roads.

But, once that danger has passed, all the extra weight does is reduce your truck’s gas mileage, which is probably not that great to begin with.

Going back to the reduce excess weight tip, adding 100 pounds to the weight of your vehicle will reduce its fuel economy by roughly 1%.

So, if you’re driving around with four 50 pound sand bags in the back of your truck, you’re reducing your gas mileage by roughly 2%. While that may not seem like much, you could be wasting $1.50 or more each time you fill up. Over a year, that’s over $75.

I don’t know about you, but if I could keep $75 in my pocket by not being lazy, I’d probably go ahead and do it.

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