Fuel Economy Tip – Lay Off The Doughnuts

Today’s tip will hopefully help you save a small amount of gas while helping you prolong your life.

Go on a diet and lose some weight.

Look, I know I’m reaching here, but it’s true: if you lose some of that spare tire you’re carrying around your mid-section, you will get better gas mileage. Take that Jared dude from the Subway commercials as an example; he’s not happy about the fact he’s getting free subs for life, he’s just pumped he’s saving on his car’s gas.

As I have stated in previous posts, carrying around an extra 100 pounds will reduce your gas mileage by roughly two percent. For example, if you’re carrying around an extra 25 pounds, you’re reducing your gas mileage by about about two cents per gallon.

So, if you need some extra incentive to get off the couch and stop doing the 12 ounce curls, maybe this’ll do it.

Or, you can check out all the research that links being overweight to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. Whatever floats your boat to get you to live a healthier life, take it and run with it.

No pun intended.


  1. They say the same to seriuos cyclists. These guys will fret over a 1 gram difference in equipment then cycle around with a pot belly.

  2. Hahahaha, good point.

  3. Anonymous says

    IANACyclist, but there’s a point to this: one less gram on the frame of a bicycle/mast of a sailboard/deck of a snowboard isn’t going to simply change your overall F=MA in favor of more total accelleration for the entire moving entity, but rather a lighter apparatus allows for easier control and better balance. I don’t doubt that the real cyclist wouldn’t consider this in terms of overall weight to move from point A to point B, but for the “prosumer” who would be carrying the gut around, this is just the sort of thing he would fret over.

  4. I don’t think it’s something they would fret over either, I just think Penty was trying to illustrate a point that people will “obsess” over the weight of everything but themselves.

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