Fuel Economy Tip – Three Click Your Gas Cap

Today’s tip will probably take you less than a second to implement, but if everyone did this, we would be able to save millions of gallons of gas each year.

When you’re done filling up, make sure your gas cap seals the gas tank properly.

According to Advance Auto Part’s website over 147 million gallons of gas is wasted each year simply due to improperly seated gas caps. If a gas cap does not get a proper seal, gas is able to vaporize and leak out of the gas tank.

With today’s gas average regular unleaded gas price at about 2.90, that 147 million gallons of gas equates to over $425 million dollars wasted each year.

So, to make sure that you aren’t needlessly wasting gas and money, make sure that your gas cap clicks three times when you’re done filling up. This will help to ensure that the cap is properly sealing the gas tank and that you’re not contributing to the 147 million gallons of wasted vaporized gas.

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