The Top Worst Tickets to get for your Car Insurance Rates

Receiving a traffic ticket is, for most people, a humiliating experience but also can be quite disastrous financially. Besides a big fine the fact is that most tickets (besides simple misdemeanors) will increase a person’s car insurance rates significantly.

For example, in many states a single moving violation can raise someone’s premiums by nearly 93% and, with more serious offenses come bigger increases.

Someone who has an accident or two and gets a ticket for some of the worst types of violations might even find that car insurance companies will refuse to offer them insurance.

What violations are the worst? Keep reading to find out.

At the top of the list is a citation for driving under the influence or DUI. According to, a DUI ticket will nearly double most people’s insurance premiums.

Next is Reckless driving, an offense that guarantees a hefty hike of anyone’s insurance rates. It varies from state to state but can bring stiff fines and even jail time. Keep in mind that at least one state has categorized texting while driving as reckless, Virginia.

Next on the list is Careless driving which, although it’s often confused with reckless driving, is actually a lesser violation. It means that you’ve unintentionally been risky behind the wheel and, while it won’t be as bad as Reckless driving, it can still can cause your rates to increase almost 30%.

Speeding tickets, especially more than one, can cause your insurance rates to go skyward and, if you get enough of them, can cause it to get canceled as well. In most cases insurers will overlook one speeding ticket if it’s less than 10 mph over the limit, but some won’t and almost all will increase your rates if you have multiple violations.

One of the reasons if that, by NHTSA estimates, 10,000 lives are claimed each year by crashes caused by speeding.

Other ticket-able offenses like running a red light or stop sign, turning right on red without stopping and other “failure to stop” offenses can mean an increase in insurance rates as well. These types of violations actually  caused nearly 700 deaths in 2012.

Without a doubt the best way to make sure that your insurance premiums aren’t increased by traffic violations and tickets is to drive safely, drive the speed limit and obey all traffic laws at all times. It’s actually not all that hard to do if you think about it and, in the long run, will save you a lot of grief and an awful lot of money.

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