5 Fixes That Can Improve the Gas Mileage on Your Car

With fuel prices rising all the time, there has been no better time to carefully evaluate what can truly be done about how much we end up spending on gas or diesel. Mileage per tank has really gone up over the years thanks to engineering improvements. However, no one feels “neutral” about the numbers that come up next to the dollar sign at the pump.

Looking for a way to keep some extra cash in your pocket and make improve your gas mileage?

Regular Maintenance

Keeping your engine running in optimal condition is one easy and important step to getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to your fuel bill. When everything is clean, there’s no clogging, and your oxygenator is running as it should, the fuel will burn more efficiently and cleaner than if you let gunk accumulate under the hood of your car.

Minimize But Expand When Needed

It’s common sense that the smaller and lighter your car is, the less fuel it burns. However, there’s only so small you can go when you have your daily tasks to attend to, whether that’s for your job as an electrician or your role as the chaperone for the school field trip. The key is to get a size that works for your lifestyle most of the time, and for times when you need more, just get an addition. Nothing can beat the convenience of a fibreglass truck box for your vehicle when you have a lot of equipment that you need to tote around (fibreglass is the lightest utility material you can find). Otherwise, a hitch and a trailer could be something worth investing in instead of getting a larger vehicle.

Drive Smartly

We all have somewhere to be. However, slowing down to speed limits can also mean saving some gas money. Staying around and under 55 mph can get you further on your tank, as the fuel economy of most cars drops off after 60 mph. You might not save much time, but you will save some nickels for your next road trip! If you want more specifics on the best speeds to travel at for maximum fuel efficiency research your car make and model.

Decrease Air Drag

You might think that these are just small details, but even something like a roof rack can majorly increase the drag on your vehicle, sabotaging your fuel economy. If there’s anything attached to your car that could be increasing the drag on it, you will want to take it off for longer trips or for long swaths of time that you aren’t using it for. The same goes for weight- if there are some heavy objects just “hanging out” in your vehicle, think about how you are paying for that extra weight in fuel. It’s a real thing.

Tires at Right Pressure

Not only is keeping your tires at the right pressure important to the safety of your vehicle, but it improves your gas mileage. It’s also a great idea that will make your tires last longer than when they are underinflated. Make it a point to check the pressure on a weekly basis and refill as necessary. It doesn’t take much time or effort as there are pumps usually available at gas stations, and it can mean a lot to your safety and your wallet.

Regular maintenance and care can go a long way on how much you spend on your vehicle fuel on a weekly or monthly basis. Start with these 5 tips and let us know how it went!

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