Air Powered Cars?

I guess hybrid technology, E85 Ethanol and hydrogen aren’t the only viable options to help reduce our dependence on oil in order to get to and from in our cars.  It turns out that down the road (no pun intended) you may be “fueling” your car with air.

According to a report from CBS News, a father and son design team from France has been able to design a car that is able to run on tanks of compressed air – think of the same air tanks that scuba divers use.  The compressed air would be able to generate enough power to allow the car to sustain speeds of 55 miles per hour.

Considering the design team consists of a guy that designed engines for a Formula One team and a former engineer for Bugati (a very high class and expensive sports car manufacturer), it certainly seems like this car wasn’t quickly thrown together in someone’s garage.

Aside from helping to reduce dependence on oil and gasoline, these air powered vehicles wouldn’t produce any pollution or emissions and, according to the design team, would cost only $2 to travel 120 miles.

Unfortunately, while this seems like a great idea, these cars are probably years away from mass production – if they ever get there at all.


  1. William Wilgus says

    But just think of the damage potential of a high-pressure air tank failure. talk about shrapnel!

  2. I have done some research on this car and believe it may make the big auto makers to actually think.. The tanks air carbon fiber and yes if a seem was to burst it would more than likely lift the car off the ground, but doubtful it would explode as air is not flammable ,unlike gasoline..

    The show i watched a few nights ago on this car said they were in production and cost about $14,000-$17,000 . Now go 1 step further and install a compressor system that keeps the tanks full or just enough to travel at highway speeds for long distance trips and you have it made..

    I hope the idea catches on and is improved upon within 5years as the oil companies greed and 100million + quarterly profits are killing my bank account.

  3. Gary Meskers says

    I want one of them.Well see when its on the market for two years.then I well buy one cant wait

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