Easy Tips to Save Some Gas Money

Do you feel frustrated every time you gas up? Increasing price of gasoline is something we have to face whether we want to or not. Since gasoline price is something we have no control over, the only way we can save on this expense is to make the gasoline stretch. There are ways we can squeeze a bit more distance out of a gallon of gas. We just have to change some of our driving habits in order to achieve it. Stretching your gasoline consumption to even just a mile will matter in the long run.


  • Reduce your speed – driving at fast speed is not economical. The faster your car goes, the more gas it uses because speed increase drag or turbulence. Next time you’re in the freeway, drive the speed limit. You’ll save a lot of fuel and the journey won’t take that long anyway.


  • Check your tires – Make sure your tires are not under-inflated. Under-inflated tires have more rolling resistance and thus, they use more gas to keep the car moving. Check your tires at least once a month. Invest on a good tire gauge. Make sure the tires are still cold when you check so you can get an accurate reading.


  • Brake properly – A car uses more gas as it accelerates. A moving car doesn’t consume much gas to keep moving. It is wise therefore to keep the ride smooth to improve mileage. Slamming on the brakes would require you to accelerate once again. Observe the cars ahead of you. You don’t really need to step on the brakes unless you will make a full stop.


  • Check your air filter – A dirty air filter restricts air flow and affects the car’s performance and economy. Get a new one when light no longer passes through when you hold it up to the sun.


  • Check the gasoline cap – Make sure it is tightly screwed on after every fill-up to avoid evaporation.


  • Use the aircon minimally – If you are driving leisurely, consider turning off the aircon, opening the windows and enjoying the natural breeze. This will help you save fuel. However, if you are driving fast, it is wiser to pull up the windows and use the aircon instead to avoid wind resistance. Park your car in the shade. You won’t need to turn your aircon on full if it’s not hot inside when you get in.


  • Lose the weight – For every 45 kilograms you carry in your car, fuel efficiency drops up to 2%. Go through your car and see what can be tossed out. Chances are you are lugging around unnecessary stuff that burns fuel.



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