Fuel Economy Tip – Play a Game of Musical Chairs

Today’s tip really only applies to people with bigger vehicles (sorry!) but is a simple way to help these drivers increase their fuel economy by a couple of percent.

If your vehicle has the capability, remove seating when not in use.

I realize that to most people – I’m assuming most people drive sedans or other vehicles that have seats that are permanently attached to the vehicle) – this tip seems ridiculous.  However, for many drivers of newer “family vehicles” this could be a very simple way to save a bunch of money on gas.

For example, I know that many PT Cruisers, Honda Elements, Town & Countries and many other mini-van like vehicles, drivers are actually able to remove seating.

By taking out this extra seating, you will probably reduce the amount of weight your car is carrying between 100 and 200 pounds (this is just a guess, I really have no idea).  And, with the rule of thumb that every additional 100 pounds reduces your vehicle’s gas mileage between 1 and 2 percent, by removing the extra seating you should see a slight increase in your overall fuel economy.

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