Solar and Wind Powered Car?

When it comes to creating alternative energy vehicles, it looks like some people are getting pretty creative.

For example, take the Venturi Eclectic, a car that is driven by an electric motor that is powered by the sun and the wind.  If for some reason it’s a particularly cloudy day and there’s no wind, the car’s battery can still be charged by plugging it in.

But, assuming you live in a relatively sunny area, the Eclectic will be able to charge its electric engine thanks to energy generated by the large solar panel located on its roof. 

While this may seem a bit odd, in practice it may actually be better than what is being used in today’s hybrid vehicles.  This is because the Eclectic’s batteries are still able to be charged even while the car is not moving, while current hybrid vehicles need to be in motion in order to charge their batteries.

Keep in mind, I’m essentially comparing apples and oranges because the Eclectic isn’t a “hybrid car” because it doesn’t use any gas, but for the sake of this argument go ahead and suspend disbelief.

Since this car is essentially designed for urban travel, the Eclectic’s current range is only about 30 miles and its top speed is around 30 miles per hour.

While the idea behind the Venturi Eclectic is pretty neat, it seems like it will be nothing more than a scientific marvel and won’t become a mainstream vehicle.


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