Summer Gas Saving Tips Part 2

Hello and welcome back for part 2 of our 3-part gas saving tips blog series. Many of the tips that we talked about in part 1 should already have helped you to save a little bit of money on gas, increase your MPG and get your car into tiptop shape for all the summer driving to come. We hope that you found some of them useful and that you will find some of these next tips useful as well. Enjoy.

Avoid overusing your brakes at stops. This ‘hard stopping’ not only wears down your breaks faster but also means that you’re using more gas than necessary when instead you should be using your car’s forward momentum. You’ve already used gas getting your car up to speed and, especially when you’re in stop and go traffic, let the force that you’ve already paid for move your car along rather than giving more gas and hitting the brakes more often.

Many people have a bad habit of using their left foot to ride the brake pedal, especially when they are in stop and go traffic. Like the tip above, riding your brakes is extremely damaging, a waste of gas and actually a dangerous way to drive. At driving schools everywhere they teach people to only use their right foot when driving. The reason; it safer.

Not paying attention to the road is not only dangerous but, because most people will tend to weave more, they’re using more gas. These days everyone is being told not to text, not to talk on the phone (not to do their nails) and other activities while driving because it’s dangerous. Knowing that it will also cost you more gas, you have more reasons than ever to pay attention when you’re on the road.

The tendency to accelerate when going up a hill is very common but it also uses quite a bit more gas. The best way to get over a hill, unless it’s extremely steep, is to build up speed as you approach it, maintain your speed on the way up and then save even more gas by coasting on the way down.

If you live in a major metropolitan area, and the majority do, make a habit of checking local traffic reports either before you leave or while you’re on the road. This will allow you to change your route (or change your plans) so that you don’t have to sit in traffic hours, wasting time and gasoline.

Here’s one that you might have heard before. (And if you haven’t, turning your driver’s license right now!) Accelerate from a stop at a moderate and even pace. In other words, jackrabbit starts are a no-no. Be aware that accelerating too slowly can be a problem as well because your engine is in a lower gear and using more gasoline to push your car forward.

When driving around town, try and stay below 40 mph as, above this speed, the amount of wind resistance that your car will be facing increases tremendously and, when that happens, your MPG decreases. In most metro areas, unless you’re on the highway, driving 40 on a major road should be fine.

If you’re going to be making a stop for more than 30 seconds, turn off your car completely. This has two benefits; you’ll save gas and save the planet. We can’t think of two reasons any better than those.

If you’re driving about 45 mph you should definitely close the windows completely, or open them only slightly because the extra drag this causes can reduce your mileage by over 10%. Depending on where you live and the type of weather that you get, using the air-conditioning may actually be more economical than leaving the windows down.

Using your cruise control as often as possible is an excellent way to reduce your car’s gas consumption and also reduce the amount of traffic tickets that you get. A great habit is to simply accelerate up to the posted speed limit and, at 1 or 2 mph over it, set your cruise control. Your car is much better equipped than you to drive at a stable speed and save you money and you’ll eliminate the chance that ‘Papa Bear’ will jump out of the woods with an expensive speeding ticket. (Darn bears.)

We hope that you agree that those are some excellent tips. Most of them you can start using right away and start saving right away as well. Make sure to come back and join us for part three very soon. See you then.

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