Winter Fuel Saving Tips for Around the House

Winter, unfortunately, is right around the corner and so it’s time to start thinking about the best Tips to Save Money on your Gas and Electric bills.  There are quite a few, surprisingly, and the majority are not hard to implement as long as you don’t mind wearing a sweater and using a heavier blanket at night.

While some of these are easy and cheap there are a few on the list that require a little bit of effort and investment.  Keep in mind however that these investments will return savings not only this winter but for many to come. With that in mind here are some Tips for Saving Energy this winter.

Tip- Clean and/or replace all furnace filters regularly during the winter, not just once. This one thing can boost your savings by as much as 10%.

Tip- Make sure all radiators and baseboard heaters are free from obstructions like heavy furniture or drapes, which can absorb the heat and keep it from warming your home.

Tip- Purchase and place heat reflectors between the walls and your radiators to keep the walls from absorbing and diffusing the heat where it’s not needed.

Tip- If you have south facing windows keep the drapes open to let the sun shine in and warm up the house.  You’d be amazed how much this can help lower the bills.  As soon as the sun goes down close them again to keep the heat in.

Tip- Installing double-pane windows, while expensive, will add value to your home and keep your heating bills and cooling bills lower.

Tip- If you’re unable to afford new windows use plastic film on the windows to insulate them better.  Most hardware stores carry this and it’s easy to install.

Tip – Bleed your radiators of excess air at least once before and once during the winter.  It’s easy but if you’re not sure how call a local plumber.

Tip- Any room that you don’t use can be kept closed and unheated as long as this won’t affect the overall heating system.  Check with a pro to find out if you aren’t sure.

If you use these tips and keep the temp at 65 degrees or lower at night you could save as much as 30 to 40% on your heating bill this winter.  When it comes to shoveling snow however you’re on your own.


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