10 Tips to Save Gas Today!

In people who are truly love their cars and the freedom that they give but, with gas prices nearing ridiculous levels, everyone is feeling the pinch at the pumps these days. It’s for this reason that, yet again, we’re bringing you some excellent tips on how to save money on gasoline. Start using them today and start saving money on gas immediately. Enjoy.

  1. Tracking your mileage in real time is the new way to figure out exactly what kind of mpg your car is getting. We’re not talking about comparing one tankful to the next one actually seeing your gas mileage as you go to make sure that you are getting the most out of every gallon. If your car was made after 1995 a fuel economy computer will do the trick. Cars made before then will need a vacuum gauge. Either way, both will give you the instant feedback that you need to use up to 10% less gasoline on every trip.
  2. You may not think that you’re using gas when you use your brakes but, in reality, the more breaking that you have to do the less advantage you take of your cars momentum, something you’ve already paid for in gasoline used. Learning how to not use your brakes and instead use your car’s momentum to its fullest can actually increase your mileage immensely.
  3. In order to be able to take advantage of tip # 2 means that you’re going to need to stay as alert as possible while driving. The more alert you are the better that you can anticipate traffic lights, turns and stops. If you drive the same route every day, it would make sense to memorize as much as possible about said lights, turns and stops so that you can better cruise through them using less of your brakes and needing to accelerate less often.
  4. To save even more gas, drive your car as if you’re driving a bicycle. Sound kind of dumb? It actually makes a lot of sense. For example, when you’re headed uphill you should maintain your speed rather than increase it. Even though you might lose a few mph is on the way up you’ll get them back on the way down. Look at it this way; anything that is harder to do on a bicycle like going up hills, accelerating very fast and so forth uses more gas when you do it with your car.
  5. Many people are improving their cars on their own with things like grill blocks, smooth wheel covers, and changing them to run solely on electric power. While we can’t vouch for the validity of any single change, it’s been shown that some of them are quite effective in improving fuel economy.
  6. This one is a bit controversial but inflating your tires  to the maximum pressure that’s listed on the sidewalk will decrease your rolling resistance and increase your gas mileage. If you are keen on using this template, you’ll need to check your tire pressure at least once a week.
  7. One excellent tip is to use the right vehicle for the job. Frankly, if you have the choice between a gas guzzling SUV and a gas sipping hybrid  (both of which we are assuming that you already have in your garage) you definitely should take the hybrid to work, to the store or anywhere else that you don’t need the extra size, power and gas wasting engine of your SUV.
  8. We’ve mentioned this one many times but it begs repeating; plan your trips so that, instead of making three or four small trips a day, you make one large trip and get all of your errands done at the same time. For example, if you have to pick up the kids from school you can roll the trip into a grocery store trip, we stopped at the post office and any other smaller chips that you need to make that day.
  9. Speaking of planning in your trips, you should also plan your route so that you drive the least amount of miles necessary to get everything done. Not only that, you can also plan a trip that will lead you passed fewer stoplights, stop signs and so forth. For the average consumer, even this small savings of 1/10 of a gallon of gas every day can add up to over $130 worth of gas savings in a year.
  10. Finally, avoid driving during rush-hour. Unless there’s an absolute necessity to drive during the peak morning and afternoon drive hours, avoid rush-hour like the plague and you’ll save gas and time as well.

We hope that these tips have given you some new ideas for saving gas and money at the gas pumps this summer. If you have any questions about fuel saving ideas, money-saving tips or finances in general, please let us know and we’ll get back to you with answers and solutions ASAP.



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