Fuel Economy Tip – Don’t Accelerate to Stops

How many times have you been driving, seen a red light or stop sign and continued accelerating until the last possible second before hitting the brakes hard and coming to a screeching halt?

Don’t accelerate to red lights and stop signs. Coast and apply your brakes smoothly.

When you continue to accelerate to red lights or stop signs, only to jam on your brakes at the last second, all you are doing is wasting energy, gas and money, not to mention putting extreme stress on your car’s braking system.

Why should you be in such a hurry to get to the red light, only to sit there and idle, waiting for the light to turn green?

Much like a smooth acceleration will help you increase your vehicle’s gas mileage, so too will coasting and smooth braking.


  1. i couldn’t agree more, i don’t know why everyone is in such a rush to get to stop lights. people need to know the stop lights they have to pass through every day, and learn the ones that they can never make and usually make. if you never make it through a stoplight, then stop accelerating even if its green. other cars will fly by you in their desperation to get through it, but chances are they will get caught by it and you will fly by them as the light turns green while you are still coasting.

  2. Not to mention accelerating to red lights can be dangerous. You should have your foot off the gas and either on your brake or close to it when coming close to a light. You never know when someone might turn across your lane or a kid cuts the corner of the sidewalk.


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