Fuel Economy Tip – Plan Your Trips in Advance

As luck would have it, for the third day in a row I found an interesting article that goes to show the importance of planning out your trips BEFORE you get in your car.

The basic premise behind this article is UPS has gone so far as to try and find ways to minimize the number of left turns each driver has to make while they are out delivering packages. The article states:

“According to spokesperson Steve Holmes, avoiding left turns at intersections reduces idling which in turn lowers fuel consumption. ‘It seems small, but when you multiply it across 88,0000 vehicles making nearly 15 million deliveries every day during the course of a year, it adds up.'”

If a multi-billion dollar per year, international company is willing to explore ways to get better gas mileage, don’t you think it’s time you try and do the same?

I’m not saying that you should go so far as to try and minimize the number of left hand turns you make, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try and plan out your trips before you get on the road.

For example, combining several small trips into one trip is a simple and easy way you can plan ahead and save a bunch of gas.

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