Top 10 Fuel Saving Tips

For those of you who may have missed it or those that are joining us for the first time here are the Top 10 things that you can do to save fuel when using your car. Some of them will save you a little bit of fuel and some will save you a bit more but if you use them all you’ll definitely save some good money the next time (and the next, and the next) you are at the pump.

1) Keep it under 65 miles per hour on the highway. In fact, if you can set the cruise control on 62 you’ll save 15% over driving 75 and, unless you’re going cross country, the extra time it takes will be minimal.

2) Avoid accelerating fast and also braking hard.  Use your brain instead of your gas and brake pedal. Anticipate stop signs and lights and take it easy off the line.  It’s not a race and, if you’re already late a few minute more aren’t going to make a difference anyway.

3) Check your tires every week to make sure that they are at the correct psi. 1 tire underinflated by only 2% can use 1% more fuel.  It’s small but it adds up.

4) The AC uses about 20% more fuel.  If you don’t really need it use it less, and remember that the ‘defrost’ button in many cars engages the AC too.

5) On the highway keep the windows closed if you can.  Here is the time to use the AC because the extra drag that an open window can cause will use even more energy than the AC itself.

6) Get your car serviced every 3000 miles.  Not just oil but filters but fluid like brake and power steering and spark plugs too. Tire psi too of course, and the best oil for the car you have and time of year is also important.

7) If you have cruise control and you’re on the highway use it. Maintaining a constant speed will save you 3 to 4% in gas.

8) Avoid overloading the car, especially on long trips.  The more weight in the car the lower your gas mileage.

9) Don’t leave your car in idle for more than 30 seconds.  If you’ll be away for longer you’ll save more money shutting the car off than leaving it to run and waste gas.

10) Maybe the most important is to buy a car that gets great mileage.  There are a lot of fuel efficient cars on the road today that are well built, comfortable and have a great sticker price.  Buy one and you’ll save money no question.




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