Who Else Wants it to be Illegal to Text While Driving?

Picture the following scenario: you’re driving your normal route to work, minding your own business.  Then, out of the corner of your eye, you see that the car next to you started to slowly veer into your lane.  You look over and see the driver next to you is busy texting.

How many times has this very scenario happened to you?  Or, more importantly, how many times have you been the driver guilty of texting while driving?

It is currently illegal to text while driving in six states: Alaska, California, Connecticut, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Washington.  Attempts to ban text messaging are currently being made by many more states as well.

Are these bans prime examples of state governments overstepping their bounds and interfering with private matters, or should every state step up and ban texting while driving in an effort to protect “innocent” motorists?

According to a recent poll on Daily Fuel Economy Tip, a vast majority of drivers believe in the latter (banning texting) over the former (not banning).  Here’s how nearly 200 readers responded when asked: “Do you think it should be illegal to text while driving?”

  • 78% said texting while driving should be illegal
  • 19% said texting while driving should not be illegal
  • 3% said they were unsure or had no opinion

These numbers are pretty overwhelming, and since I’m sure many state legislatures have seen similar data, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see a spike in the number of states passing laws against driving while texting.

And, for that matter, I’m sure we’ll see even more states requiring the use of a hands-free device in order to use a cell phone while driving.

If it helps to make the roads safer for drivers and pedestrians, I don’t see why we wouldn’t all be for that!


  1. I’m in the camp of the 75* of people who thing that driving while texing should be illegal.

    Driving is a serious activity and distraction that are not priorities (such as texing) should NOT be allowed … PERIOD!

    Miss Gisele B.

  2. I think people need to take some personal responsibility and realize how dangerous texting is. Just don’t do it, we don’t need more invasive laws on the books.

  3. Here in the UK, it has been illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone while driving (texting or otherwise) since December 2005. Sadly, the law is largely ignored and the results are tragic. Any law is only as good as how well it is enforced.

  4. I think the law is already clear that distracted driving is against the law, no matter whether it’s texting, talking on the phone, smoking, or whatever you’re doing while you’re driving that isn’t driving.

    So, no, I don’t think we need another law on the books. We need to enforce the law that’s already there.

  5. I think that talking on a mobile phone without a hands free set as well as texting should be illegal…if it would pass, I’d like to see a no-mobile phone while driving period law enacted.

    Have you seen this video about a crazy guy texting on his motorcycle…now that’s scary:

  6. Just had a train crash in Chatsworth, CA on Sep. 12, 2008, killing 25 people, all because the driver was texting.

    Sounds like an addiction. Needs a fix.

  7. I can not believe people would say it shouldn’t be illegal. Your driving a 1-2 ton weapon and you want to read non-sense from your friends while drivinh

  8. Absolutely. And I’ve been semi-guilty. This was one of my NY resolutions. No more txting at red lights, etc., because it’s too easy to keep going when the light turns green.

  9. I agree. Texting while driving is illegal. It’s dangerous. If you are busy texting while driving, perhaps you almost hit other car.

  10. Praveen Premchandran says

    For those who said that texting SHOULD be legal while driving, here’s the thing…

    Would you be okay, if your airline pilot was texting while coming in to land at the airport at your hometown???

    Driving is as serious a job as flying or any other means of transport. The only difference being that almost everyone can/does drive…

  11. Devin Faast says

    I think you are all way to serious.
    chill out.
    Oh no texting while driving is so bad

    I’ll tell you this.
    if you illegalize it
    people are going to WANT to break the law
    and NOT care for the law.
    all the law will be is an annoiyance and another reason people will want to do something.
    people are going to do what they want to do.
    they dont care.

  12. Some studies say that using a mobile hands-free is almost as bad as using it normally. How about a short range (say 2m) mobile phone jammer to be installed by manufacturers in every car? Its working while the car is running, stopping people from texting, talking, etc and paying attention to the most important task of DRIVING.
    If they want to talk or text, pull over and stop and do it from the side of the road, not from across two lanes running through a stop sign.
    Yeh I know there are some safety issues such as if someone is chasing you and you want to call the police… just an idea for discussion 🙂

  13. i think it should be illegal too

  14. i think you guys are all nutcases, phone jammer in your car?!!? seriously man your an idiot, thats the stupidest idea any of you had, ok, so scenario, i’m getting chased by some psycho and i reach to grab my phone and call the cops but oh no!!!!! i can’t!!! cause i have a stupid phone jammer in my car! ya real smart

  15. i think textrin]\][][p;’ADSf\\w
    ile driving should be illegal

  16. k driving should be illegal because it’s a privlage i know it sounds cheesy but it’s true would youwant to go back to the days where there’s no cars no phones or anythingcause i’d like to see you try. whoever thinks it shouldn’t be illegal is dumb andone of these days your gonna get in a car accident.

  17. person you dont know... says

    in my opinion, i think texting while driving should be illegal. My cousin almost got in an accident because someone was texting, and almost hit him… so yes Bo and Devin it should be because even one accident is still bad.. even if u dont know who the person is.. its stil bad…

  18. I’m with the 3% but, after some videos I saw on youtube I think that I will never text while i’m driving unless it’s really really really needed….Comment on what you think!:)

  19. TRJKTJGERL says

    i think it should be illegal because it can kill many people and you guys are so FREAKIN STUIPD GO SUCK A PICKLE


  1. […] 78% said texting while driving should be illegal 19% said texting while driving should not be illegal 3% said they were unsure or had no opinion More. […]

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