Fuel Economy Log – Week 21

This past week I drove 333.5 miles, used 9.84 gallons of gas and paid $2.26 per gallon, all of which equates to an average fuel economy of 33.89 mpg, 16.86% above my car’s typical gas mileage.

This 16.86% gas mileage increase, which equates to a per gallon savings of roughly $.38.  Since I used 9.84 gallons of gas, I was able to save $3.75 on this particular fill up.

Combining this week’s savings with my previous 20 week total, I have now saved $104.90 on gas.  Not bad.


  1. Get a more economical car you nob. I can make mine do 60mpg if i really try, and 45 if I’m driving the speed limit everywhere. Honda ftw 🙂

  2. Brian Carr says

    If you’re buying, I’d love to get a more economical car.

  3. haha could you honestly tell me that whatever car you drive is less expensive than an old honda or citroen saxo or something like that? which will basically do 50mpg.

    unless you drive for professional reasons in which case…whatever really. buy a van. see who cares haha

  4. Brian Carr says

    I bet that it is. I drive a 2000 Dodge Neon, so it’s not like that thing has any sort of resale value.


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