General Motors Unveils Plans for “Dual Hybrid” Technology

It looks like General Motors, America’s largest auto maker, has finally decided to get on board with hybrid technology and has announced that beginning in 2008 it will sell pickups and SUVs that will be 25% more fuel efficient than current models.

Granted, for most vehicles in their larger fleet, that will be raising the gas mileage from 18 mpg to 22.5 mpg, but I guess every little bit counts.

According to the referenced article, GM’s dual hybrid technology will consist of:

“Two electric motors, a V-8 engine that can work on only four cylinders, a really smart computer, and a four-speed transmission that joins them into one package.”

What makes this dual hybrid technology sound even more promising, is it appears it will help not only in “city driving” but at highway speeds as well.  The reason being is the “really smart computer” has the option to “chose from thousands of combinations of running on one electric motor, two electric motors, a combination of electric motors and the V-8 gasoline engine, or shutting down some of the V-8’s cylinders.”

Regardless of the outcome, it’s good to see that hybrid technology is begining to be integrated into larger vehicles, although it may only prove to be an attempt to stop a hemorrhage with a bandaid.

But, like I said, at this point every little bit helps.


  1. Every little bit counts? Improving the least efficient vehicles is the best place to start to make a dent in gas bills and the US’s thirst for gas. Additionally, a 25% milage improvement in an 18 mpg truck will easily pay for itself while a 25% milage improvement in a 40 mpg car will take a lot longer to pay for itself. By just about any measure, this is a “Good Thing”.


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