Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles of 2006 – Honda

Today I will take a look at Honda, the first foreign car manufacturer to be covered in “The Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles of 2006” series.

2006 was a great year for fuel efficiency at Honda, especially with the addition of its third hybrid car (the Accord Hybrid) to its already very gas thrifty fleet of vehicles.  It certainly appears that Honda was well ahead of the curve in producing so many gas friendly vehicles. 

Here are Honda’s Top 5 Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles of 2006:

  1. Insight Hybrid (Manual Transmission) – 60 City / 66 Highway – Compact Car
  2. Civic Hybrid (Manual Transmission) – 49 City / 51 Highway – Compact Car
  3. Accord Hybrid (Automatic Transmission) – 25 City / 34 Highway – Mid-sized Sedan
  4. CR-V (Manual Transmission) – 23 City / 29 Highway – Compact SUV
  5. Odyssey (Automatic Transmission) – 20 City / 28 Highway – Mini-van

From everything I can tell, it doesn’t appear that Honda will introduce any new hybrid vehicles during 2007.  Considering, out of all the car manufacturers, Honda currently has the most variety among hybrid cars, it doesn’t appear they have to rush anything new to the market.

However, with Honda’s track record making very fuel friendly vehicles, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they introduce additional hybrid vehicles with more advanced technology.

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