Is Gas Really More Expensive on the Weekend?

We’ve certainly had our fill of blogs about gasoline prices, gas saving devices and methods of increasing your MPG. Today’s quick little blog article is about gas prices and, more specifically, the question of whether gas is more expensive on the weekend or not.

Many people around the country complain that gas stations seem to increase their prices on the weekends but the fact is that, more often than not, gas prices are actually higher during the week.

The statistics gleaned by, a crowd-sourced gas price aggregator, actually showed that, during a four-year period, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were the days when gas prices were the lowest. GasBuddy performed an exhaustive amount of research in all 50 states find out what days of the week gas was cheapest and, although prices fluctuated during that time period, their results still were a bit of a surprise for many people.

“I think that was the biggest surprise,” said Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst.  He added that “What I can surmise is that the markets aren’t open, so because oil and gas futures and spot prices aren’t trading on the weekend, stations are more likely to become competitive.”

The fact is, gas station owners realize that people have more time to comparison shop on the weekends, something that encourages them to be more competitive when it comes to their prices. Most consumers also do a bit more driving on the weekends than they do during their typical Monday to Friday routine and station owners are keen on taking advantage of the additional revenue that comes their way.

A few of the more interesting results from the analysis performed by GasBuddy showed that, in some Western states including Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota, gas tended to be cheaper towards the middle of the week. Kansas is similar but, in Indiana, Iowa and Kentucky, Monday is usually the best day to fill up because gas prices are cheapest there on that day.

If you live in Delaware and Maryland, your best bet is on Thursday as GasBuddy showed that to be the least expensive day at most gas stations there.

Truth be told, finding the cheapest gas no matter where you live can be a little bit difficult because they change quite frequently. That’s why it’s a good idea to use the GasBuddy app in order to see where the cheapest price is every day in your city or town.

Just for the record, this blog was not sponsored in any way by GasBuddy.  It’s just that, when it comes to finding the cheapest gas prices available, we think it’s the best app the market.


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