A Quick Guide to Saving Gas Money


The volatile nature of gas prices makes many car owners squeamish, as one day of cheap gas may turn more expensive after a particular amount of time. This nature leaves many wondering about the true culprit affecting the price of gasoline in the United States.


The price of gas is mainly affected by crude oil, the substance that produces gasoline as a product. Crude oil prices are affected by supply and demand, with the demand factor pushing the price of crude oil high. The supply factors actually contributes to the lowering of crude oil prices, which in turn, lowers the price of gas.


Other factors that affect gas prices include:


  • Profits and costs from gasoline refining.


  • Profits and costs from marketing and distribution.


  • Taxes.


Most car owners should know how to properly take care of their cars before filling up their car’s gas tank. Some of these basic saving on gas money tips include:


Filling Your Tank: Filling your tank to full may reduce the amount of money you spend each day. The difference from filling your gas tank partway one day and full the next can cost a lot if you’re not careful. Remember to avoid “topping up” your tank between tank fills and wait to refill after your tank reaches just a quarter full—avoid quarter filled tanks in cold weather to prevent condensation.


Tune Up Your Car: A well maintained and tuned car will use less gasoline throughout the week than one doesn’t. In fact, it’s been said that a car without proper maintenance and tuning uses more than 20% gasoline throughout the week. You can also exercise maintaining your car by not keeping it running while it’s in an idle state. Much like tuning and performing general maintenance on your car, turning your car off when it’s idle saves gasoline and gas money.


Drive Safely, Responsibly and Efficiently: It’s always recommended to drive safely on the road. Driving in an aggressive manner is very unsafe and may also waste gas. Efficient driving involves planning your trips in advance, using different driving techniques to make driving more efficient and even combining trips to any given place.











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