Gas Saving Products That Don’t Actually Save You Gas

With the price of gas inching ever higher today’s driver is looking for any way that he or she can save gas and increase mileage. That, unfortunately, has led to a plethora of products on the market that state their ability to save you fuel and increase mileage but, in fact, do little or none of both.  The EPA tests most of these products although they don’t have any restrictions as to what the manufacturers can claim on their labels and advertising. Below are a large number of products that the EPA has actually tested and found have virtually no effect on your car’s gas consumption.  Our advice; use them with caution because they can damage your wallet or purse.

  • Air bleed devices that bleed air into your car’s carburetor also bleed money out of your wallet. None have been found to increase mpg.
  • Vapor bleed devices are very similar except that they air is first forced through water and antifreeze.  Like their counterpart above they also force money from your wallet and into thin air.
  • Liquid injection products are also similar but, instead of adding air directly into the combustion chamber, they add it to the fuel intake or the air intake system. These have shown to produce a very slight difference in mpg and a very large dent in the amount of cash in your bank account.
  • Add-on ignition devices are added to your car’s stock system in replacement of the original ignition. Our advice; don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.
  • Heaters and coolers for the fuel line are very interesting. These either heat or cool the gas before it hits the carb. What they usually do in fact is hit your wallet in the gut and nothing more.
  • Fuel line magnets make the dubious claim of changing the molecular structure of the gas in your tank as it flows to the engine. If you believe this you probably also believe in Santa and the Easter bunny.
  • Metallic fuel line gas enhancers will tell you that they ionize your fuel, making it better and giving your car better mileage per gallon. Oh please.
  • Fuel mixture enhancers are used to improve the mixing of air into your fuel. If you believe this we’d posit that you have too much air mixed into your head.
  • Accessory drive modifiers can be installed to reduce the power consumption of some of your car’s accessories. They can also be used to reduce the amount of cash in your pocket but we will admit that the EPA has said that they will increase your fuel economy slightly.
  • One of the biggest types of ‘fuel saving’ products, fuel additives and oil additives, have been touted for years to make a large improvement in your car’s fuel economy. The facts are this; only those that use the chemical polyether amine (PEA) have shown any significant increase in mpg.  The rest are only adding to your debt.

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