How to Increase your Fuel Economy – Part 2 of 3

Welcome back for Part 2 of How to Increase your Fuel Economy.Like Part 1 there are plenty of great Tips here that will reduce the sting of going to the pumps and squeeze every last mile out of every gallon of gas that you purchase. Most of these Tips are quite easy to implement too, so once you’ve read them you won’t have any excuses to not start using them and start saving money ASAP.

Consolidate your trips.  Rather than going out every time you need to buy one item or have to go to the bank or to the post office make a list of all the places you need to go and all the things you need to purchase and do them all in 1 trip.  This will save you gas and time.

If you carry a lot of junk in your car get rid of it!  There’s no need to carry around a trunk full of junk, especially if that junk is costing you mileage. Clean out the junk and save money on gas.

Get rid of anything that causes drag.  Did you know that about half of the energy your car uses is used to overcome drag?  It’s true!  Get rid of ski racks, luggage racks, and even racks of lamb. (Kidding.)

Avoid high speed starts.  Unless there’s a bus or train barreling down on you start slowly and surely and you’ll save 5% on gas consumption.

Unless you live close or are passing by, don’t go out of your way to save anything less than .10 cents a gallon on gas.  Under .10 cents the savings just don’t make up for the lost time and fuel. 

Buy your gas in the morning.  Gasoline expands with heat.  If you buy your gas in the afternoon after a hot day you will actually get about 5% less gas than you will in the morning when the gas is cooled off.

As crazy as it sound you should buy your gas on Wednesdays.  Statistically speaking this is the cheapest day of the week for gas prices.

Start using these tips as soon as you can and you’ll see an immediate difference in the amount of gas you use and the amount of money you spend.  Then come back for Part 3 and more great gas saving, fuel economy increasing Tips.



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