How to Increase your Fuel Economy – Part 3 of 3

Welcome back for Part 3 of 3, How to Increase your Fuel Economy.  As with Parts 1 and 2 you’ll find many great Tips here on how to make your car more fuel efficient, save money on gas, and make those fill-ups less painful for your wallet.  This is the final Part and,. Once you’re done here, you’ll have plenty of ammunition to shoot down the high cost of gas and keep your hard-earned money where it belongs, in your wallet.

Don’t buy high octane gas.  Unless you’re driving a Ferrari there’s almost no need to buy high octane and it won’t affect your car’s performance.  Most cars that say they need high octane simply don’t, and you can save a LOT of money buying regular.

Don’t overfill your tank. Once the pump shuts off you should put it back in the holster and be done. Overfilling can waste as much as 2% of your gas.

Close your gas tank cap properly and securely.  Gas, when left uncapped, will vaporize and be gone forever.  Did you know that almost 150 MILLION gallons of gas vaporizes every year in the US?!

If you can, use a gas credit card.  The best cards will have a rewards plan that saves you a few cents a gallon.

Don’t speed.  This one is a biggie.  For every 5 miles an hour you drive over 60 mph you spend approximately .20 cents more per gallon!  Experts say that this is the single most effective way to save money on gas.  Also, did you know that over a 10 hour trip the difference between driving 60 mph and driving 70 mph only adds up to about 30 minutes less driving time?

Use your cruise control. Driving at a steady speed on flat ground is a great way to save gas but, because humans are humans, without cruise it’s hard to do.  Us the cruise and save at the pump.

Try to anticipate lights. The less stopping you do the less gas you use accelerating again.

If you will be stopped for more than 30 seconds don’t idle.

Finally, the best way to save on gas and increase fuel economy is to drive less.  Use your bike, take a walk or even catch a bus or train.  The less you use your car the more gas (and money) you will save.  Good luck with all of these Tips and happy driving!





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