Simple Gasoline Saving Tips

These days it doesn’t matter if you drive a teeny hybrid or a monster SUV everybody is trying to save money on gasoline because the price per gallon is so darned high. Even an improvement of 1 or 2 miles per gallon can mean big savings at the pump and keep your wallet from having a conniption fit. The tips below will all save you a small amount but, used in combination, should help you to lower your gas costs by about 10 to 15%.


Slowing down on the highway is an excellent way to save gas and increase your mileage. In fact, every 5 miles an hour that you drive over 60 uses about 20% more gas, which over a long trip can really add up.  If you don’t mind the trip taking just a little longer set your cruise control for the speed limit and be content to save some money.


Make sure that your tires are always inflated at the proper psi and check them once a week. Tires will lose air normally even if they are perfect so checking to make sure that they are is important. Underinflated tires can use 10% more gas at least so making sure they’re properly inflated will definitely save you gas.


The air filter is also something that needs to be checked and replaced often because it can hamper your car’s ability to perform and cost you big buck over time. Check to see if there’s one of the newer ‘permanent’ replacement filters that only need to be cleaned and save even more.


Be aware of where you are on the road an anticipate stops.  The more you have to stop the more gas you use when accelerating. If you take it easy and make all the lights rather than speeding and stopping ate every single one you’ll save gas and save the brakes too.


Make sure you change the oil at the required time.  Older oil can severely affect the performance of your car and waste a lot of gas.  Change it regularly and use the best oil for your make and model.


If you’re stuck in traffic chill out and hang with the trucks.  You’ve probably noticed that they roll along and don’t brake as much, yes?  That’s because they don’t want to shift those 10 gears but, if you do the same, you’ll save fuel and your brakes over stopping and starting constantly.


So now that you have them get out there and use these tips to save gas and money at the pump. Enjoy!




  1. 20% per 5 miles over is a bit off, otherwise 85 MPH would use twice the fuel as 60 MPH. My G8 gets about 21 at 65, and slightly less at 85. All with the tack around 1500-1700 RPM.


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