The Top Tips for Better Gas Mileage

Gas prices are not just inching upwards they’re sprinting.  With that in mind we thought it was a great time to give you our best gas saving tips to help you out at the pump.  We’ve given them before but frankly they deserve repeating and prices skyrocket.

  • Purchase a fuel efficient car.  If you’re driving a gas guzzling behemoth of a car you’re going to really hate filling up these days.  Trade that money-eater in for something that sips gas rather than chugs it like a drunken frat boy chugs beer.
  • Of course a well-maintained car will always use less gas so make sure to keep it tuned up and keep the tires inflated to the correct pressure.  You’ll save at the pump and in repair costs.
  • Gas ‘saving’ products generally don’t work so don’t waste your money on them.
  • Gasoline conditioning products however may just save your engine, especially with the mix of ethanol in gasoline going up to 15%. Ethanol is highly corrosive and a conditioner is important to save your car’s engine and other vital parts.
  • Download the Gas Buddy App and go to the station that has the best prices.  Don’t, however, drive very far out of your way to save as this may make the savings moot.
  • Costco and Sam’s Club, the mega wholesale clubs, sell gasoline and you can usually get it cheaper there than at many regular stations.
  • Change the time that you commute to a time that is less crowded and wasteful.  If you can go in earlier or later and leave in a similar fashion you’ll save gas money lost due to sitting in traffic and stop-and-go traffic conditions.
  • Make 1 large trip instead of multiple little trips.  Instead of a trip to the grocery store, to the bank and to the laundromat make all of those stops during 1 trip.
  • Get rid of anything and everything heavy in your car to lighten the load.  As for roof racks take them off unless you truly need them to increase your car’s aerodynamics.
  • Purchase your gas on Wednesday.  This is usually the cheapest day of the week.
  • Buy gas in the morning when it’s cooler and the gas hasn’t expanded from the heat.  You’ll get more for your money.
  • Unless your car specifically needs another grade buy regular.
  • Don’t top off your tank.  Gas will spill out and that’s just a shame.
  • Don’t idle, ever.  If you’re stopped for more than 15 seconds turn off your car completely.
  • Drive between 60 and 65 on the highway, no faster.  This is the optimum for most cars and any higher can waste up to 25% more gas per mile.
  • Anticipate lights and stop signs and try your hardest not to use your brakes.

The last Tip is simply this; drive less.  Take a walk, a bike or carpool.  The less you drive the more you save, it’s as simple as that.


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