Turn Down the Music and Get Better Gas Mileage

Today’s tip is a little more subtle than most, but if you’re like me, I know it’s going to help you increase your car’s gas mileage and save you money.

Turn down the radio.

At first glance, you’re probably wondering what difference it makes how loud your radio is.  First off, let me tell you that the loudness of your radio isn’t a direct drain on your fuel economy; it’s not like your radio is gas powered.

More than likely, the loudness of your radio does have a direct effect on how fast you drive.

I’ll be the first to admit, when I’m driving, especially on the highway, and I’m listening to a song with a good beat, it’s not unusual for me to look down at the speedometer and see that I’m going 10 or more miles per hour over the speed limit!  I’m sure many of you are the same way.

Going back to the very first tip posted on this site, driving even 5 mph over the speed limit, especially at higher speeds, can reduce your car’s gas mileage by close to 7%, if not more.

So if you’re one of those drivers that tends to get a heavier foot the louder the music gets, take the radio down a couple of notches and save some money!


  1. laughing realist says:

    This is comical at best. Scientific Method, no, not here. We\’ll just make something up and support it with fiction that children could see through. Seriously, why post this. Someone might believe you.

  2. Alberto Ramaloop says:

    Or you could just set the cruise control – sometimes people tend to overthink simple things

  3. Uhh, instead of lowering the volume, why not just set your cruise control instead?

  4. Published in “Gas Saving Innovations.” That’s hilarious.

    Here’s another “tip,” fuel savings have nothing to do with the speed limit, but have everything to do with speed. Every car has peak fuel efficiency at some speed, or range of speeds. For best mileage, stay in that range not near the speed limit.

  5. Doesn’t the power draw for the speakers also consume [at least some] fuel? The difference is small, but every little bit counts.

  6. James Rutherford says:

    The Gent who wrote the enry was corrct for one reason but missed the main SCIENTIFIC reason so dont burn him.

    The louder you play your radio the greater drain on your battery and the harder your alternator (which is powered by your engine) has to work. This is exactly the same as air con which uses and engine powered pump or electricly powered from the alternator. this is why many track cars off the shelf come with minimised electrics, to fit a smaller alternator to both reduce weight and drain on engine.

    so to summerise using the following equiptment will reduce gas millage.

    heated rear screen
    heated front screen
    heated stearing wheel
    dvd players
    sat nav
    air con
    heated seats
    elecy windows
    elecy hood (convertables)
    heated mirrors
    power seats etc.

    Hope this helps – ps why do you want to save gas millage though, were not ruinning out of fuel and unless you a skin flin you best get used to having to pay for goods. We dont moan that bannanas are more expensive than when we were born!

  7. Its not that it will make you speed, its the fact that the alternator needs to run harder when you are using electronics in the car, using more engine output (thus more gas)_.

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