When it comes to saving money on gas, you have to think outside the pump

If you search the Internet you’ll find plenty of blogs about driving tips and techniques that will save you money on gasoline and increase your car’s mpg. Our blog today goes into somewhat newer territory and explores other tips, techniques and tasks that you can accomplish that should positively affect your fuel economy and, hopefully, save you even more money when you’re filling up your tank. Enjoy.

  • As more and more people purchase hybrid automobiles, owner groups are being formed in cities all over the globe. Some of the topics that they discuss are efficient driving techniques and ways to increase fuel economy and decrease emissions. Even if you don’t own a hybrid you’re welcome to attend and possibly glean some information and a tip or two for yourself.
  • Although this may start an argument or two, if you’re part of a couple and you go everywhere together, the most efficient driver of the two should do the most driving. (We are not taking sides, seriously.)
  • Most people like to fuss and complain about how much gas costs but very few will take the time to actually track their fuel consumption. Without this information it’s going to be very difficult to see if all of your tactics are improving your car’s fuel economy. There are a number of apps that you can use to help you if you have a mobile smartphone and, even if you don’t, you can keep track of what you’re spending, the amount of miles you’re getting and the amount of gallons of gas you’re purchasing in a small notebook. Use those numbers and some simple math to figure out what mpg your car’s getting and track it to see if it gets any better as your driving habits improve.
  • Many of today’s newer cars have a fuel consumption display and, if yours has one, the feedback that it can give you can help you to lower your cars consumption of gasoline. With this type of display you can not only track individual trips but, with some, portions of trips and keep track of how well your car’s doing. (And how well you are driving.)
  • If you have the option (and not everyone does) choosing to use roads that have less traffic will give you more opportunity to employ fuel saving tactics and techniques like hypermiling. Even a route that is technically longer may actually save you money if you have a lot less stopping and starting.
  • If efficient driving has an enemy it’s the person that is always in a rush to get somewhere because they’re always late. If you’re driving somewhere in a rush you will certainly not have the extra time (or patience) to use money-saving driving techniques. Better to leave a little bit early and give yourself time to get where you’re going at a regular and relaxed pace.
  • A very interesting effect can happen on the highway when many cars are traveling together at a constant rate of speed. It’s called the corridor effect and it’s basically a man-made breeze that, like a tailwind on an airplane, will  give your car a little extra boost and your mpg as well.
  • Do you frequent fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, Chick-fil-A and the like? If you do, the best way to save gas is to park your car and go in, even if you’re not planning on eating inside the restaurant. Unless you’re the only person in line the chance of waiting in line, engine idling the entire time and wasting gas is high if you use the drive-through.
  • If you’re on a highway with 2 lanes or more, always choose the lane that has the least amount of traffic so that you can avoid unnecessary braking and sometimes unpredictable changes in speed and direction.
  • If you can, avoid driving in bad weather of any kind as any type of precipitation, as well as high winds, can dramatically decrease your car’s gas mileage.
  • The same can be said for rush-hour traffic which, if possible, should be avoided like the next new Adam Sandler movie. (Sorry but Jack and Jill was atrocious.) The stop and go traffic that accompanies rush-hour is not only detrimental to your car’s fuel consumption but also to your mental health. (Just like Jack and Jill !)

We have a lot more tips just like these that were going to be bringing you over the next few days so make sure to come back soon and get your daily fill of all the best, money-saving, mpg increasing driving tips around. See you then.


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