5 Great Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Car

If you would have looked for a hybrid car just a decade ago you wouldn’t have found a whole lot of choices or variety. Today however the hybrid car market is among the fastest growing automotive segments in the industry and has an annual  growth rate that many auto dealers are envious about.

The Honda Civic Hybrid and the Toyota Prius are still the top 2 cars to beat in terms of overall sales and in fact make up over 50% of hybrid sales but other manufacturers are keen to go green (and reap the green profits) that hybrids represent. Even luxury car makers like Mercedes, Porsche and BMW are getting in the game and GMC and Chevrolet are joining in with hybrid versions of their Silverado and Sierra models. With all of these manufacturers bringing us new hybrids we figured the time was ripe to give the Top 5 Reasons to own one.  Enjoy!

1) Customer satisfaction.  Many consumers have, frankly, been turned off by the cost of a new hybrid but, once they have purchased one, they are among the most satisfied car owners on the road. Not only is their satisfaction high but the financial benefits of owning a hybrid are substantial, leading to even bigger smiles.

2) Lower fuel costs. This is a no-brainer. The Prius gets practically 50 miles to the gallon no matter the driving conditions. That’s amazing and one of the best reason to own a hybrid.  The average hybrid gets better than 40mpg and costs $1400.00 in fuel per year, a savings of hundred if not thousands of dollars. Hybrids also get better insurance rates, sometimes up to 10% less than their ‘regular’ counterparts.

3) Its good for the planet. Simply put, hybrids are green and green is good.  Driving a hybrid is now widely accepted and shows that you care about the earth as well as your wallet.

4) Hybrids get tax incentives.  Depending on the state where you live you could actually get a substantial tax break for buying a hybrid car, which is always a great reason to buy something in our book.

5) You get to use the HOV lane. Most states now allow hybrid cars to use the HOV lane for free,  even if there is only 1 person in the car. While this may not save a ton of money it is nice to be able to use the HOV and not be looking over your shoulder for the 5-0 the entire time.

So there you have it.  5 excellent reasons to buy a hybrid.  They’re here to stay and dropping in price (as gas keeps going higher) so why not take a look at 1 for your next new car?

So there you have it. 5 excellent reasons to buy an hybrid. There are here to stay and dropping in price (as gas keeps going higher) so why not take a look at 1 for your next new car? If the steadily dropping prices aren’t enough to convince you, then you might want to consider some car trade-in alternatives. After all, you probably won’t be going back to that gas guzzler once you experience the numerous benefits of a hybrid vehicle. There are tons of options out there when it comes to trade-ins. Even if you don’t need to sell your old car, there are a number of charities that will let you donate your car. Don’t let your old car take up space in the garage or driveway when it could otherwise be helping out children, animals, seniors, the environment and a number of other excellent causes.

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