Celebrities Show Up to Pre-Oscar Parties in “Green Cars”

So, you think The Green Movement is in full effect?  Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio announce that the Oscars have gone green, An Inconvenient Truth wins the Academy Award for best documentary and plenty of stars show up to Oscar parties in hybrid and electric vehicles.

One of these Oscar parties was Global Green Pre-Oscar party, where several of the stars in attendance showed up in either hybrid or electric cars.  Of note, there was at least one sighting of a Tesla Roadster and a sighting of a Toyota Plug-in Prius, which gets over 125 miles per gallon over the first hundred miles after being charged.

Because many of these technologies are relatively new, they also tend to be relatively expensive for us common folk, which is probably why it always seems that high profile celebrities are the first to get to try these cool new cars out.  For example, Tom Hanks getting a new electric Scion. 

Eh, on second thought, he can keep that one.

But, I guess aside from the monetary reasons, it makes sense that celebrities get these high end hybrid or electric cars first because we do live in a very celebrity crazed society and we’re always looking to high profile people to show us little guys what the next cool thing will be.  If that brings more awareness to helping to reduce pollution, specifically by driving more fuel efficient vehicles, then I’m all for it.

Hopefully as technologies advance and prices start to come down, we’ll all get to join in on the fun.


  1. How many people really think that owning a hybrid car will help the environment ? I mean look at all these hybrids here http://www.topgreencars.com/ would owning one really save a tree ?


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