Toyota to Introduce $35k Hybrid Sports Car

So, if General Motors, Ford and the rest of the failing auto makers haven’t taken notice of Toyota and hybrid technologies, it seems like it’s about time.

It appears that Toyota is in the process of developing a new hybrid sports car in the mold of the Supra – a 400 horsepower car that will go from 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds and will cost around $35,000.  Even with all that quickness, the engine will only be a V-6 and will utilize a 650-volt motor.

The car is scheduled to make its debut this January 7 at the North American International Auto Show.

From the looks of things, this car looks pretty sweet and the fact that it’s a hybrid will only add to its popularity.  If this car is able to actually make it to production, it appears that it will be the hybrid rival to the Tesla Roadster, the top of the line electric sports car.

It seems the only thing not cool about Toyota’s hybrid sports car is its name, which is currently FT-HS Sports Hybrid.

Either way, it looks like Toyota is really trying to up the ante regarding their hybrid cars and their practical capabilities.  With the race for “America’s Top Selling Car Company” currently neck and neck between Toyota and General Motors, this car and concept could finally be the thing that pushes Toyota over the top; making America’s best selling auto manufacture a non-American company.

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