Fuel Economy Tip – Lighten Your Load

One of the easiest ways for you to quickly increase your car’s gas mileage is also one of the most overlooked ways.

Reduce the amount of excess weight you lug around in your car.

Decluttering your car is one of the easiest ways for you to increase your car’s gas mileage (not to mention make it look a little bit nicer).  According to FuelEconomy.gov, for every extra 100 pounds you carry in your car, you are effectively reducing its gas mileage by 2%.  While that may not seem like much, over time the cost certainly will add up.

Here are some simple ways you can reduce the amount of excess weight your car carries:

  • Clean out the trunk – Many times our car’s trunk gets littered with items that we mean to bring into the house but never remember to grab.  These items include golf clubs, tools, luggage, etc.
  • Take off the roof rack – Not only will a roof rack add weight to your car, but it will also reduce your car’s aerodynamics.  Only use the roof rack when absolutely necessary and take it off as soon as you’re done using it.
  • Take in the miscellaneous items – All of those little items littered around the car add up.  Books of CDs, dry cleaning, library books, toys, etc. all add up and add weight.

Aside from getting all of the excess items out of your car, there’s one more thing you can get rid of to help increase your car’s gas mileage – removing the spare tire… around your waste.  Considering it doesn’t matter HOW you get rid of the extra weight your car is carrying around, if you can drop a couple of pounds yourself, it’ll be good for both your car’s fuel economy and you’re health.

Moral of the story, try your best to reduce the amount of extra weight your car lugs around and you should see an instant improvement in its gas mileage.


  1. Anonymous says

    how about filling up half way to save the cost of hauling around another half tank of fuel?

  2. Remove parts of the car that don’t need to be there, like rear floormats, trunk carpets, plastic engine covers, etc. I saved 40lbs in my Mazda 6 by gutting the trunk. Its just as useable as before, but 40 lbs lighter.

  3. no one else rides with me, so i took out the passenger seat. drives fast around left-hand turns. plus, the cars feels a lot lighter as i’m driving it. the engine isn’t as stressed.

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