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Many people don’t think there is any way to save on gas for their car, as they believe that the price of gas is out of their control. While that may be true, there are still plenty of ways to save on your gasoline bills. Some are easy, some make sense and some might surprise you, but all will make you happier when you see those savings at the end of the month.

Purchase your gas in the morning or late in the evening when it is the coolest.  As crazy as this sounds the cooler it is the more gas you get when you buy. The reason is you’re charged by volume and when its cooler gas takes up less volume and you get more in your tank.

Get an app for finding the cheapest gas stations, like Gas Buddy.  It’s free, updated hourly and will give you the locations of all the stations closest to you so you can go where the price is best.

Avoid overfilling your tank. Amazingly if you fill your tank too high the gas can actually slosh around and out of your tank while you drive. When the pump clicks the first time, stop pumping.

Your car does not need to be warmed up for a long time to function correctly. This wastes a lot of gas. Indeed less than a minute is perfectly fine.

When you stop for more than 30 seconds turn off the engine.  Idling for a minute uses the same amount of gas as starting the engine, and idling for 5 minutes or more can actually use more than a quarter gallon of gas.

Driving at 55 will actually save you money if you can deal with the nasty stares.  Just drive in the slow lane please.

Use the AC at higher speeds. It will save you more money than opening the windows due to wind resistance.

Using these few tips can actually save you up to 10% on gas and, if you travel a lot, that can add up to a lot of money fast. Use them and watch the gas savings start to pile up. (Pun intended.)

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