Mediation as a Means to an End

People have been disagreeing on just about every issue since the beginning of time.  Be it how the world was created, which religion is the most righteous, which car drives the best, or which country is superior to the others.  You name it, people have disagreed on it, but sometimes there are issues that can’t simply be brushed off.  Lawsuits are a commonality when two parties disagree strongly enough on an issue.  Unfortunately, lawsuits can be costly to both parties, they can needlessly use up public dollars when tying up a district or judicial court, and they are often quite difficult to collect money on.  In cases like this an alternative dispute resolution works well, or a mediator.

Mediation has become quite popular over the years.  Companies, like the one found at, have had a lot of success at dispute resolution. The techniques that these companies use are wide ranging, and they offer many types of benefits.  First and foremost, they are a great tool for mitigating costs during the dispute.  Because resolution often happens at a much quicker pace than through legal channels, the cost is often much lower going this route.  Another great benefit is the confidentiality of mediation.  Because you are behind closed doors with only three parties involved, you can avoid the public eye of a courtroom.  Also, you maintain a higher degree of control than you would otherwise in a courtroom.  In a public court the judge and jury have all the power, whereas in a closed door mediation both parties have an equal footing and control all the power themselves.  Collection and compliance is something else that has a much higher success rate in mediation.  If a party feels they were wronged in a dispute, they may not pay out a judgment issued against them, which can lead to longer and more costly legal battles.  However, if both parties feel they have reached a mutually beneficial agreement then the chances of compliance is much greater.  Lastly, mediators are a great source for ideas that think outside of the box.  Often times people are too focused on the monetary awards of judgments, whereas mediators are trained to think of alternative solutions that will satisfy both parties in other ways.

Regardless of the disagreement, and methods attempted at resolution, do yourself a favor and consider mediation.  You may find it financially beneficial, and quite a bit less stressful.

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