Presentation is the Key to Success

I may be a blogger by night, but by day I’m a corporate professional that very much understands the importance of appearance.  When I’m blogging I’m afford a certain level of anonymity, you have no idea what I look like, or perhaps if I’m even a man or a woman.  However, when it comes to my day job I’m in a highly visible position.  You may have often heard that looks and appearances aren’t everything, but unfortunately in the corporate world that just isn’t the case. I need to make sure my clothes are the utmost professional, that they are clean and nicely pressed.  I have to ensure that my hair is always cut, that I am always cleanly shaven, and I even use aftershave balms as well.  Success comes in many forms but self-presentation is almost always a sure way to achieve any type of success in life.

Even if you don’t buy into what others think of you, sometimes your own confidence is derived by how you look.  If you think you look good, then you will look good, likewise if you feel messy and unclean then that is how others will begin to perceive you.  If you have a business meeting that morning wear a suit and tie, even if you aren’t required to do so.  If you have casual day at your office go that extra mile and dress in a business casual manner.  Sometimes going with the status quo will only allow you to achieve status quo results.

Despite everything I said above, please don’t misconstrue my meaning.  Nobody said you have to be a supermodel to achieve success, only that you need to be professional and well-kept in order to achieve the right results.  You don’t need to be the best in the world, just the best that you can be.

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