Saving on Fuel

As summer approaches and gas prices climb you may be considering ditching your car for your bicycle but we all know that there are some things that the bike just can’t do like getting you to your early morning meeting in the rain and still looking like the professional you are. It can’t store your groceries two car seats and pick your mom up at the airport. So even if you choose to drive less there are still times when driving really is the only option. In those cases you want to do all you can to make sure you are using your gas as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Make sure you are giving your care the love and attention it needs. A car with a well turned engine burns less fuel. Take it to get its regular scheduled turn ups and not only your car will think you but your wallet as well. Tire care is also important in protecting your gas mileage. Keeping your tire pressure at the correct level and also getting your tires rotated and aligned will help increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Check your gas cap each time you fill up. If the cap doesn’t fit tightly you may be losing gas to evaporation.

Does your trunk still contain the ice chest you dragged to the beach last summer and the workout weights you bought at that garage sale last month? Well it’s time to clean it out. Extra weight in your vehicle can have a significant effect on the cars fuel performance. If you have extra items just laying around in your car or in the trunk that aren’t needed then make sure you get them out as soon as possible this will help you to stretch that tank of gas just a little further.


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