The Best Tips to Get the Most Fuel Economy Out of Your Car

OK, for those of you that are looking to get the most out of every single gallon of gas that you buy the Tips below are the very best.  Follow them and you should increase your mileage by about 20%.


  1. Plan your trips. Do all your chores, pick-ups and everything else in 1 big trip rather than several smaller trips.
  2. Lighten your car. Take all the junk out of it except for vital equipment.
  3. Don’t fill up the entire tank and don’t wait until it’s empty to get gas.
  4. Slow down.  Above 60 mph your car will use 15% more gas.
  5. Use cruise control.  The more you speed up and slow down the more gas you use.
  6. Accelerate smoothly and evenly from a stop.
  7. Short shift.  Skip from 2nd to 4th gear on the highway to save fuel.
  8. Plan your route to be the shortest or have the least amount of stops.
  9. Instead of braking just take your foot off the gas and coast when you can.
  10. Inflate youth tires to their proper PSI always and check them often.
  11. Keep your engine tuned.
  12. Change your oil regularly.
  13. Change the air filter or clean it regularly.  Your engine performs better when it has oxygen.
  14. Replace the fuel filter when the manufacturer suggests it.
  15. Don’t idle for more than 30 seconds.
  16. If you can handle it don’t use the AC in stop and go driving conditions.
  17. Use overdrive on cars with automatic transmissions except when towing.
  18. Keep an eye on the road and see what’s happening so that you can stop and go less.
  19. When you enter a parking lot find a spot and park rather than looking for a ‘better’ spot.
  20. Maintain a large enough following distance so that you don’t have to keep stopping and starting.
  21. Use the narrowest possible tires for your make and model of car.


There you have them.  These are the absolute best Tips for increasing your mileage and using less gas.  If you can even manage to follow half of them you should see a significant increase in your mileage.  The fact is, you should be able to do almost all of them except maybe not using the AC in stop and go traffic.  Hey, what can we say we hate sweating and breathing in that foul air.  Best of luck with getting your mileage up.


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