Tips for Saving Money on Your Electric Bill

One of the biggest monthly bills that most people have besides their mortgage is the electric bill.  Depending on where you live and how much AC or heat you use the electric bill can be quite hefty but there are a lot of ways that you can lower it if you’re a bit conscientious.  So without wasting any more time let’s look at a few different things you can do to lower that bill and save some money.

If you’re going to be leaving a room for more than 5 minutes turn off the lights.  It may sound silly but even a few minutes an hour extra can save you up to 10% on your electric bill which can add up to a lot of cash at the end of the month.

Putting lights on timers if you want to keep the house or apartment lit at night is a much better idea than leaving them on all the time, especially if you go away. This will save you money and give criminals the idea that you’re there, especially if you have them in different rooms and set for different times.

Power surge strips that turn off appliances after a certain amount of time are an excellent investment and will pay for themselves within a few months.

Invest in the new LED lights. Yes they cost a lot to begin with but they last 10 times longer (at least) than the old incandescent bulbs and will drop your energy consumption by at least 20% if not more and are well worth the investment.

Invest in energy efficient lighting fixtures.  My wife and I recently purchased a new chandelier for our dining room.  These days they offer many efficient options that can help lower your bill as well.  Make sure you browse modern chandeliers for stylish enegery efficient options.

Shut down your computer completely and unplug it every night.  This one piece of electronic equipment can suck up lots of extra energy even when it’s turned off. Unplugging it is the only way to stop this waste.

Replace any appliances that are over 10 years old as the savings will usually offset the cost within a year or so due to the savings on electric.

Use the AC in the summer with caution.  Does it need to be like the Arctic in your house?  Probably not, and as long as everyone is comfy at night you’d be better off using window shades and shade trees more to keep the house cool than electric sucking AC.

And there you have them.  Lots of excellent, money-saving electricity-sipping tips that should cut that next electric bill down to size.  Enjoy.

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