What’s the Biggest Factor in Choosing a Car?

Aside from buying a house (which, right now may not be the best idea), purchasing a car is probably one of the biggest “investments” that you’re going to make during your life. Whether it’s your dream car or just something reliable to get you from point A to point B, more than likely you’re going to spend thousands of dollars for your automobile.

So what is the main driver (pun intended) behind what we end up buying? Style? Size? Price? If you go by the results of a recent poll on Daily Fuel Economy Tip, it’s actually none of the above and the main factor behind the cars we buy is actually gas mileage.

When asked, “what is the most important factor for you in deciding which car you’re going to buy/lease?” 44% of respondents listed gas mileage as their number one factor; 34% stated purchase price; 15% stated style; and 7% stated size.

Before you get all up in arms, yes, I realize that the results of the poll are probably skewed a bit due to the fact that respondents were people that came to a site whose sole purpose is to talk about gas mileage. More than likely, most of the people who responded are relatively concerned about fuel economy, so they’re probably more likely to list gas mileage as their number one factor when choosing a car.

That being said, regardless of where the poll originated I think more and more of us have become conscious of our gasoline consumption. Whether we don’t want to pay an arm and a leg each time we fill up, are trying to do our part to save the environment, or a combination of the two, it appears that lately we have become more concerned with our vehicle’s gas mileage than we had been in the past.

With crude oil hitting $80 per barrel, hopefully our gas conscious trend will continue.


  1. People continue to amaze me with their ridiculously short memories regarding gas prices. Folks who 6 months ago were pulling out their hair about gas prices, and were considering trading down to a more fuel efficient car, are now either in the market for a full-size truck / SUV, or have already bought one. Makes one’s head hurt.

    Gas prices will go back up, as they always do. It’s not a matter of “if” anymore, just “when” and “how much”.

  2. Sad but true.

  3. Yeah, gas prices will go up, since it will run out soon. Alterbative fuel cars should be made cheaper to gain acceptance.

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