GM, Ford Gain From Toyota’s Woes

As I stated last week, Toyota’s woes have been exactly what Detroit needed.

According to an article released by the Associated Press, General Motors and Ford both saw double-digit sales increase for the month of January. Toyota’s sales fell 16% for the month.

Not coincidentally, January was the month that Toyota announced a massive recall of some of their most popular vehicles due to the fact the vehicle’s gas pedals could stick.

And, considering the Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, stated people should, “stop driving it [their Toyota] and take it to a dealer,” it wouldn’t surprise me if February is worse for Toyota, and better for the other car makers, than January was.

(Note: LaHood later explained his comments saying he meant owners should get their cars fixed as quickly as possible, not to completely give up on their Toyota.)

As I’ve stated before, I think we’re in the midst of a giant shift back to the idea that American cars are quality cars and, at the very least, on par with their foreign counterparts. Obviously, situations like this only further that argument.

What are your thoughts?  Do you own a Toyota?  Are you now thinking of buying an American car?  Do you not care either way?  Leave your comment below!


  1. Hi Brian, I have a Jeep Liberty and I LOVE it. I was so happy when it wasn’t on the recall list because I would hate to give it up. I’ve found it to be a great vehicle although I did have some trouble in the beginning because the tires weren’t filled as they should have been – I find the shape of them makes it hard to guage without a guage :0)

    I was ready to return it but after I figured it out I’ve been happy with it although the shorter wheel base and torque (using hubby’s term there) does make it a vehicle that takes a bit of getting used to and can be more challenging to drive in certain road conditions – mostly ice or slippery roads.)

    I’m hoping that they get it all straightened out, I can’t speak for other models but for where I live 4 wheel is a necessity and in that department my Jeep and also Subaru have been wonderful.

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