Fuel Economy Tip – Go Early, Stay Late

I got today’s tip from a commercial for Maryland’s Eastern Shore, but I thought it was a pretty good idea for helping to save gas while on the road for your summer vacation(s).

Go early, stay late. The basic idea behind this commercial’s motto (and today’s tip) is to avoid getting stuck in traffic by being on the road during non-peak driving hours.

I would imagine that on a three or four hour trip to or from the beach (leaving your regular time and getting stuck in some traffic), you could shave off at least a half an hour by simply getting on the road during non-peak hours. In addition to saving time, you’re probably saving a gallon or more of gas, and that’s probably a conservative estimate!

This “go early, stay late” motto doesn’t just have to apply to your vacations; it can apply to your daily commute, going to a game, going shopping, etc.

Just goes to show that small changes in your driving habits can greatly affect your vehicle’s gas mileage and your bank account.


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